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IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)

An IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) is an architectural framework for delivering next-generation communication services on the internet protocol (IP). It allows applications to be created, controlled, and changed regardless of the network or platform they operate on. The potential benefits of IMS include more openness, standardization, flexibility, and effectiveness when delivering applications across mobile and fixed networks. There are three elements within IMS architecture: a session control layer, application layer, and interworking or gateway layer. All these elements bring improve 'interoperability' in networks—the ability for networks to connect and share information with each other.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)

IMS can provide small and midsize mobile operators with greater value from applications by replacing an operator's existing back-end architecture with an IP system. That makes it easier to deliver applications with increased flexibility.

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